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Whether in your private capacity or as a business proprietor, it is increasingly difficult to operate without a bank account.


In your private capacity, you might be starting at college, starting a new job, changing your financial requirements, responding to advertising, or simply dissatisfied with your bank.


Whatever your requirements, you will need to choose a bank, and choose the types of services you need.


The Citizens Information website provides excellent guidance on opening a bank account.  Click here


You will have to satisfy the Money Laundering conditions set by your chosen bank.  As a minimum, the bank will require evidence of your identity (usually a passport) and evidence of your place of residence.


If you need online banking services, cards, cheque books, etc., remember that your local branch will take some time to set these up. So be sure that you can cope until then. For example, if you go to a bank with your first pay check to open an account, make sure that you take out enough cash to keep going until your cards are issued.


If you intend to run a business, you will need to accept receivables and to pay bills and taxes. You may need finance, or any other banking service.


When opening an account for a business, the bank will require to see at least the core setup documents:-


  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Board resolution authorising the opening of the account.