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Choosing a Bank

There is no “best bank”.  If there was, then the other banks would not be able to hold on to customers and would go out of business quickly.

As with all services you buy, your choice of bank should be based upon selecting the service which most closely meets your needs.

  If you want the cheapest service, then look to the regular surveys on  This website is maintained by the Financial regulator, and can be considered as unbiased.
  You may value the proximity or personal service at your local branch – but remember that local services are progressively being scaled down by all banks, and staff are constantly being changed.
  You may feel inclined to choose the bank of your employer, as this might ensure faster or more reliable access to your income – this is a common myth – salaries which are normally paid via Paypath are delivered to all banks simultaneously (but some banks may provide access quicker than others)
  Personally, I would always to choose a bank which has the best online service, whether business or personal – because I value my time, and I find that online reduces the hassle greatly.
  Regrettably, however, I find that the online services of Irish banks leave a lot to be desired. I would like to have the simplicity of Paypal, with the maximum of security.  I would like to be able to operate fully independently of other bank services.  I would like to be able to set up payees at any time of day or night without reference to phone or branch.  In my ideal system, I would like to have my bills presented electronically, so that I could choose electronically whether or not to pay each bill.  And I would like to be able to issue requests for payment (invoices) electronically. 
  No Irish bank comes close to my requirements, which are commonplace in some of the more advanced European countries.  So I have to accept something short of my ideal. Have a look at the demo versions of bank online services available on all bank websites.  You can find links to all online banking services on