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Irish Bank Links

List of Irish Bank Links

Banking and Financial Discussion Forums - Irish discussion board on a wide range of topics - mostly related to money - over 26,000 members listed but many inactive.

Regulatory and Government

Blue Book - Published by ECB - the definitive source for comparison of banking systems in Europe.
ECB - European Central Bank - includes a massive archive of European banking statistical publications.
Central Bank - Central Bank and Financial Services Authority - includes a massive archive of Irish banking statistical publications.

Banking Industry sites

EPC - European Payments Council - working towards SEPA.
SafeCard - Chip and Pin FAQs.
Laser - Laser cards.
IPSO - Irish Payment Services Organisation (Including Irish Paper Clearing Co and Irish Electronic Payments Clearing Co).
EBF - European Banking Federation.
IBF - Irish Bankers Federation.

Banking, financial and economic news sites

Business Plus - General Business News - requires registration.
Business World - General Business News - mainly press releases with little commentary.
EIN News - Live feed of latest banking news in Ireland.
Finfacts - News site, Portal, and Information site. Very substantial depository of economic, banking, and business reports with excellent commentary.