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Management time

Where your bank branch sells financial products (insurance, pensions, mortgages, credit cards, etc.)  then the branch is remunerated for it's selling activity by the insurance company, mortgage company, etc.  In certain circumstances, the bank may find itself giving you advice for which it has limited opportunity to obtain direct remuneration - and in such circumstances, the bank may charge you at an hourly rate for management time.  Such charges are fairly rare, but can be substantial.

Overdraft Authorisation

An annual overdraft "facility fee" for setting up an overdraft arrangement applies in many banks.  The facility may be annual or may be per authorisation.  For example, if you require an overdraft for a month (say January), and then sometime later, you require an overdraft (say July), then you may be charged facility fee for each.

This facility fee is in addition to any interest charged on the overdraft.  For interest charges on overdrafts click here

Other services/products which may attract charges are:-

Bank drafts

Safe Keeping (Note- most banks are phasing out this service.)