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About HBWI   

HBWI is an attempt to assemble a significant collection of unbiased information on banking in a single source. The collection is an attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on banking. Questions range from "How do cheques work?" to "Are my deposits guaranteed?" to "How can I cancel a Direct Debit" to "What is a clearing system? HBWI is intended for personal customers and small businesses and HBWI does not accept advertising, funding, or other support from the banking industry.

Originally launched in Spring 2007, HBWI has expanded as feedback from readers is received and filtered. We welcome feedback from bank customers and from banks, regulators and legislators, and from any other interested parties.

Readers may justifiably comment that HBWI does not fully live up to its title which appears to promise comprehensive explanations of the core fundamentals of banking.  Nor does it attempt to explain how and why the Irish banks failed to live up to the reasonable expectations of their various stakeholders over recent years.  If HBWI were to attempt either of the above, it would become a controversial monster.

About the Author

Tom Conlon has spent over 40 years in the banking industry in areas of research, costing, project management, policy and strategy development, clearing and payment systems. He was a founder member and the Irish national representative on the European Payments Council. Tom holds a B.Comm (UCD) and M.Sc (TCD) as well as a number of certificates from Institute of Bankers in Ireland.

What do we stand for?

HBWI wishes to see a recovery in banking to create a progressive and efficient banking industry providing the best value-for-money services to support the Irish and European economies. We recognise that good banking services are an essential ingredient for success. The economy cannot accept mediocre services, unfair or uncompetitive practices. Nor can it accept that progress will be held back by the failure of bank customers to adopt change.

So the website will draw the attention of its readers equally to the successes and the failures of the banking industry; to the opportunities and the threats to business & personal users of those services.